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When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, my team and I were wrapping up a one-week off-site with a client from Seattle, the city with the unfortunate recognition as Ground Zero to the virus in the U.S. Everything was unknown. Do we shake hands? Do we wear masks? Do we call off our in-person meetings and send everybody home? In all the uncertainty, for whatever reason, we decided to get drinks and go bowling for what would be my last “normal” night out.

After bowling, everything changed.

I don’t need to recap the last 12 months, and probably better that I don’t as to avoid triggering any traumatic emotions or memories of what we (the collective, global “we”) have been through. What I will say as a business owner is that the uncertainty was real. We lost business. We gained business. We planned for the worst, and we scrambled for the best. Opportunities shifted as the world reinvented itself. And in all this chaos, we witnessed the durability of the human spirit.

Entrepreneurship is the business manifestation of that spirit. In the face of the last 12 months where we witnessed and experienced economic hardship, social justice unrest, painful losses of loved ones, and an uncertain future, we have innovated. We refused to roll over.

The Entrepreneurs’ Rally is more than an annual networking event. It’s an opportunity to get re-acquainted with hope. And motivation. And dreams. So I encourage you to embrace change and to ride the waves of uncertainty. Take control of your destiny in whatever way makes sense to you and those close to you. You have supporters in your corner whether you know it or not. You WILL do great things.

Sign up now at and meet 40+ mentors online on Wednesday, May 26 at 3pm. Ask questions, make connections, get inspired!

Jeff Lin

2021 Entrepreneurs' Rally Event Chair

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