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Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

Mike Paton

Mike Paton has conducted over 1,500 EOS sessions for more than 150 companies, co-authored the book GET A GRIP with Gino Wickman, spent five years as EOS Worldwide’s Visionary, delivered more than 200 highly-rated talks and workshops for entrepreneurs around the world, and launched the top-rated business podcast, The EOS Leader™.

Sales, Sales Management, Culture

Jack Daly

Jack Daly is a leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience. Jack’s track record is a testament to his real-world knowledge and extensive expertise in sales and sales management. He started his professional journey at CPA firm Arthur Andersen and rose to the CEO level of several corporations, building six companies into national firms along the way, two of which he subsequently sold to the Wall Street firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston.

Leveraging Your Brand to Grow Your Business & Build Trust Equity

Jennifer Zick

Jennifer helps growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing™ and confidently take the next right step to build revenue.

Her unique approach combines Marketers + Methodology + Mindshare to build strong, strategic, sales-aligned marketing teams and programs.

Social Media, App, Technology

Crystal Washington

Infusing humor, Crystal is known for her ability to take complex technology topics and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday professionals and small business owners, across generations. Whether talking about her crazy technology missteps or how to combine online with offline customer interactions to build relationships, audiences relate to her practical, non-tech jargon approach to using tech to make us all more efficient, effective, and connected.

Peak-performance business

Ross Bernstein

Ross’ signature program, "The Champion's Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World" is based largely on the “Good to Great” ideology of how the best companies are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack through dynamic leadership, by creating a culture of excellence, and by giving extraordinary customer service, Ross’ program reinforces the concept that individuals win games, but TEAMS win championships. Momentum, roles, buy-in, motivation, consistency, sacrifice, trust, chemistry, work-ethic, innovation, karma, and being humble — they’re all a part of what it takes to become the best of the best — a CHAMPION both on and off the field.